Making the decision to install an air conditioning and heating system is not easy. Finance aside, the technology used in these systems are changing pretty fast. If I buy something today, how long will it last? Will I get spare parts after warranty? Will there be someone who knows how to service these units? These are just some of the many questions that should be part of your plan.

As a leading HVAC dealer who installs, maintains and repairs air conditioners, heating, Indoor air quality and other products, we do take great care to ensure we know our stuff. All our technicians are factory trained and have hands-on experience. But, is that enough for your decision making?

To make it a bit easy for you, we have loaded a number of information for your knowledge and understanding.

Our coupons are always useful for making the last mile decision when you wonder what to do. Our Financing help will make it easier for you to buy the unit that you really need, and not cut corners. Our Tips on Dealer helps you understand how to select a HVAC dealer. And, our glossary of terms is like a bible to understand the lingo HVAC technicians use!

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At Major League Comfort Systems Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of a comfortable home. During the extreme seasons, you rely on your cooling system to provide optimal comfort when the temperatures outside are hot and humid. From repairs on your existing system to tune-ups and even newinstallations, it is important to keep your HVAC system in check. Our team of highly trained technicians have the skills and knowledge to provide you with effective service for your home cooling needs.

With any service, you will have a cost that may not be affordable to you when the time comes. Our owners like to make our services affordable. Major League Comfort Systems Heating & Air Conditioning offers discounts and specials year round, allowing you to save money on the services you need, right when you need them. With our coupons and regular specials, you will be able to save money in the home and enjoy a comfortable environment during the hot summer months. Check out our current specials below!

Repair Service Coupon

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One option for savings we provide is with our repair service. When your furnace or air conditioning system is in need of repair, simply print our Service Repair coupon. This coupon is good for 15% off a repair for your AC or furnace system. With our HVAC coupons, you will be able to receive AC repair discount, saving money on your much-needed repair. This coupon applies to new customers to our company only, coupon must be mentioned when scheduling the appointment for service.

When your unit is in need of repair, it is essential to schedule service right away. With this coupon, you will be able to save money on whatever is ailing your system.

Pre-season Tune up Special

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As the summer season arrives, you will need to have your air conditioner tuned up and ready to go. This is when the next air conditioning coupon will come in handy. This coupon applies to new customers to our company and must be mention at the time of scheduling your tune-up to earn this special price on. The Preseason Tune Up includes a 25 Point inspection check on your Air conditioning or furnace. We preform our preseason tune-up’s in the month’s of Oct, Nov, Dec, Mar, April and May. Please call for details.

Having your system inspected and tuned-up will allow you to feel better about your home cooling comfort. Your system will be inspected and cleaned thoroughly, allowing you to enjoy cool temperatures when the outside becomes too bearable to endure.

We offer HVAC service coupons because we care about our customers and want to save you money. We understand how difficult it can be to have to pay out of pocket for an unexpected expense. Let us help you save a little money by taking advantage of the special deals and savings we have to offer.

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Hero Financing



Making energy efficient upgrades to your home is affordable with HERO Financing Program. We offer a low-interest, long-term, tax-deductible financing option that is repaid through your property taxes. Approvals are not based on credit scores and applying is simple. Just pick the energy efficient upgrades that are right for you and get your project started!

At Major League Comfort Systems Heating & Air Conditioning, we are ready to provide you with the financial support you need to install a new heating or cooling system in the home. Our company is a HERO Registered Contractor, which means we have the option to help you purchase a new HVAC system. With the HERO program, eligible home owners have the ability to install a new system with energy efficient upgrades and improvements. With this program, new HVAC systems become more affordable and you, the homeowner, can have a comfortable home with appropriate heating and cooling that is affordable and dependable.

The term HERO stands for Home Energy Renovation Opportunity. The program is a financing option to provide energy efficiency to the home to individuals who cannot afford an heating and cooling system upgrade. HERO has partnered with local governments in California to allow us to provide efficient systems to qualifying home owners.

How Does HERO Benefit You?

You may be wondering what makes the HERO program different from standard financing programs. With HERO, you will earn 100% financing for the cost of a new unit and installation. Eligible products and installation are financed via HERO with low-fixed interest rates. The payment terms are flexible and offer 5, 10, 15 and 20 year options for most products that qualify. Homeowners will repay the loan in easy installments making it simple for you to afford the new unit. The payments are set up through your property taxes and can be moved on to the next homeowner if you sell your property.

Who Can Apply?

At Major League Comfort Systems Heating & Air Conditioning, we are ready to help you with the application process to see if you qualify for the HERO program. Commercial and residential property owners can apply for the program and we can help. Let us provide you with the information you need to see if you qualify and we can then help you with the installation of your new system.

Is Every Contractor Qualified to provide HERO product installations?

With the HERO program, not every contractor is eligible to provide you with service and financing options. Our company is qualified to install HERO systems and ready to help you. To be a qualified provider, we registered with HERO as a program contractor and must be licensed and bonded with the Contractors State License Board, which we are.

Eligibility for HERO Program

  • As a homeowner, we can help you determine if you are eligible for the HERO Financing Program. You must meet the minimum criteria to be eligible and meet specific residential property requirements, this includes:
  • Debts related to your mortgage cannot exceed 90% of the property value
  • During application, property owners must not have had over one 30 day late mortgage payment
  • Have current property taxes paid and no more than 1 late payment in a three year period
  • No outstanding involuntary liens
  • No active bankruptcies in the last seven years nor the property being an asset in active bankruptcy

Eligible Products

The HERO program not only offers HVAC financing but also water products, renewable energy systems and more. There are over 900,000 products available with HERO financing and included in these products are heating and cooling systems. Let our skilled team of technicians assess your property and help you apply for HERO financing so you can have a heating and cooling system that is perfect for your home.

Contact our office today to learn more about the HERO program and how we can help you with financing for new installation. No matter what your comfort need, we can help. Let us use our expertise and skill for your benefit.

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Tips on Selecting a Dealer

Ten Time-Proven Tips For Selecting A Dealer

  1. Check credentials. Before making your selection, call the Better Business Bureau to make sure the dealer is reputable. Also, find out if the dealer is a member of a local or national association such as the Air Conditioning Contractors Association of America.
  2. Make sure the dealer is affiliated with a nationally known manufacturer. Dealers should be taking advantage of factory training offered by their manufacturer. As a result, when they make recommendations, you can be more assured that they’ve selected the right size system for your home, and that they’ve been trained in installation and service.
  3. Ask for references. Former customers are an excellent source of information. Also, ask to see installation photos. A dealer that is proud of work will be more than happy to show it to you.
  4. Expect an on-site evaluation of your home. A good dealer will take a thorough look at your home, ask questions and evaluate your overall comfort needs before making a recommendation. Beware of a dealer that simply takes information over the phone. A good dealer will also look the part. While he’s evaluating your home, you should be evaluating him. Not only should he dress professionally, but his truck and printed materials should look professional as well.
  5. Check local licenses. Depending on where you live, dealers may have to comply with certain local or state regulations, so ask to see proof of these licenses as well as insurance forms for liability and workmen’s compensation.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask for details about the firm’s experience and the expertise of its staff. This is particularly important if you’re also adding or changing ductwork ­ in this case, experience is definitely a factor in getting the job done correctly.
  7. Get a written proposal. To make a fair comparison, make sure the proposals you receive are all based on the same efficiency and equipment. You’ll also want to evaluate each dealer’s personal business standards and policies. For example, will he remove old equipment? Will he relocate equipment if you want your new system installed in a different location? What are his clean up and care policies during installation? How will he handle emergency repair? These are just a few of the additional elements a good proposal will include.
  8. Inquire about equipment and labor warranties. Limited warranties vary according to the manufacturer, so make sure you fully understand what you’re getting. Also, don’t forget to inquire about manufacturer’s extended warranties at the time of purchase and other warranties provided by the dealer.
  9. Ask about preventive maintenance service agreements. Many dealers offer service agreements that call for periodic maintenance of equipment, and if needed repairs. The fee for such agreements is usually well worth it in terms of obtaining optimum efficiency and performance for your system.
  10. Finally insist on a written agreement. Commit your agreement to writing and have the dealer sign it.

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Glossary of Terms

AFUE– Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. A measure of a gas furnace’s efficiency in converting fuel to energy ­ the higher the rating, the more efficient the unit. For example: A rating of 90 means that approximately 90 percent of the fuel is used to provide warmth to your home, while the remaining 10 percent escapes as exhaust.

BTU– British Thermal Unit. This is the amount of heat it takes to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. For your home, it represents the measure of heat given off when fuel is burned for heating or the measure of heat extracted from your home for cooling.

CFM– Cubic Feet Per Minute. A standard measurement of airflow. A typical system requires 400 CFM per ton of air conditioning.

Capacity– The output or producing ability of a piece of cooling or heating equipment. Cooling and heating capacities are referred to on BTUs.

Comfort-R™ Airflow System– An exclusive feature of a high efficiency home comfort system from Trane. This method of ramping airflow gives you greater humidity control in cooling and provides warmer air during heating start up.

Compressor– The heart of an air conditioning or heat pump system. It is part of the outdoor unit and pumps refrigerant in order to meet the cooling requirements of the system.

Condensor Coil or Outdoor Coil– In an air conditioner, the coil dissipates heat from the refrigerant, changing the refrigerant from vapor to liquid. In a heat pump system, it absorbs heat from the outdoors.

Damper– Found in ductwork, this movable plate opens and closes to control airflow. Dampers can be used to balance airflow in a duct system. They are also used in zoning to regulate airflow to certain rooms.

Ductwork– Pipes or channels that carry air throughout your home. In a home comfort system, ductwork is critical to performance ­ in fact, it’s as critical as the equipment.

Evaporator Coil or Indoor Coil– The other half of your air conditioning system located inside your home in the indoor unit. This is where the refrigerant evaporates as it absorbs heat from the air that passes over the coil.

Gas Furnace Heat Exchanger– Located in the furnace, the heat exchanger transfers heat to the surrounding air, which is then pumped throughout your home.

HSPF– Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. This rating is used in measuring the heating efficiency of a heat pump. The higher the number, the more efficient the unit.

Package Unit– A heating and cooling system contained in one outdoor unit. A package unit is typically installed either beside, on top of the home, or sometimes in the attic.

Refrigerant– A chemical that produces a refrigerating effect while expanding and vaporizing. Most residential air conditioning systems contain R-22 refrigerant. R-22 is regulated by international controls under the Montreal Protocol and in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency. It is scheduled to be in production until the year 2020. It’s used in approximately 95 percent of air conditioning equipment manufactured in the U.S. today.

SEER– Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. A measure of cooling efficiency for air conditioners and heat pumps. The higher the seer, the more energy efficient the unit. The government’s minimum SEER rating is 10. (It’s similar to comparing miles per gallon in automobiles.)

SEET– Seasonal Extreme Environmental Test Lab. This is Trane’s torture chamber for heating and air conditioning systems, where five years of service are condensed into 16 torturous weeks. If a product doesn’t make it through our SEET lab, it’s not manufactured. We push our equipment to extremes because we’d rather test them in our lab than in your home.

Split System– The combination of an outdoor unit (air conditioner or heat pump) with an indoor unit (furnace or air handler). Split systems must be matched for optimum efficiency.

Thermostat– A thermostat consists of a series of sensors and relays that monitor and control the functions of a heating and cooling system.

Ton– A unit of measurement used for determining cooling capacity. One ton is the equivalent of 12,000 BTUs per hour.

Zoning– A method of dividing a home into different comfort zones so each zone can be independently controlled depending on use and need.


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