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Learn the trems to Heating Your Home!


When it’s time to pick a new heating system or an air conditioning, the choices can be quite overwhelming. Learning the terms like SEER ratings, BTU’s needed to cool or heat your home, etc. can be quite a daunting task. To help with this amount of information, our technicians here at Major League Comfort Systems offer evaluations on the home and assistance making sense of this vast amount of knowledge. Our team is highly trained and certified to make sure you have the furnace or air conditioning system you need to stay comfortable at all times.

So why are BTU’s important? How do you figure out what they mean and how many you need for your home? Here’s a little information to help you figure out all those questions and more when you’re considering a new HVAC system.

What is a BTU?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. This is the measure of the amount of energy that is needed to raise a pound of water up one degree Fahrenheit. This is important to your heating system because the BTU’s allow you to know how large an area the unit is good for heating. Too small of a unit and your home will not be comfortable during those dropping winter temperatures. If you get a unit that is too big for the home you’ll find it short cycling which causes even more issues.

Where to start?

First consider how much square footage you need to heat or cool and how large your entire house is. Then you need to figure out how much BTU’s are needed to heat and cool your home. Basically, you’ll take the square footage and multiply it times 20 BTU’s to see what the necessary units are to properly maintain the temperature of your home.

Other Things To Consider

Once you’ve figured out how many units it takes to properly heat your home, then you must consider a few other items into what you’ll need. Where do you live? If the climate is warmer than typically you only need 30-35 BTU’s to maintain heat each hour. If you are up North in a colder climate, raise that number more to 50-60 units needed.

Take into consideration how old your home and insulation is. While the unit may properly do its job, if the home is not insulated well it will be like blowing the heat right back outside. When your home is properly insulated it will need less units per hour to actually keep the heat inside the home.

Getting the Right Sized Unit

After you’ve chosen the right climate you’re in and considered insulation, multiply your square footage times the BTU’s you need. Once that is complete take in the efficiency of the unit and multiply that percentage against your total. That will give you the amount of BTU’s you need to keep your home at comfortable temperatures.

Here at Major League Comfort Systems our highly trained staff and technicians work all this out for you to help you find the perfect unit. They will come out to your home and do the inspection to assist you in finding the perfect way to keep your family warm or cool and comfortable when the mercury drops or rises. Our team has vast knowledge and experience on multiple models and brands so that your installation is always top-notch and on time.

Call our office to see how our staff can help you in finding the right unit and BTU’s for your home this winter. Don’t wait till your current unit is already gone. Start today efficiently heating and cooling your home. You’ll be glad you did when your family is cozy and warm inside while harsh temperatures wreak havoc outside.

Major League Heating and Cooling

Now that you know several ways to save on your heating ventilation and air conditioning costs you can get to saving. Since we are a heating and cooling company we can provide you with any information you need to know when it comes to heating and cooling your home, so if you need some more money saving tips or an HVAC service give us a call today.

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